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Terminal Velocity [Apr. 30th, 2006|12:42 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Sooner or Later by Breaking Benjamin]

I did something not so brilliant today. I went sky diving. I willingly STRAPPED MYSELF TO ANOTHER PERSON AND JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE!!!! My pre-boards test went pretty badly, and I was in denial about what I had to do until I was 11,000 feet in the air and getting ready to jump OUT OF A PLANE! I was able to ignore all of the warning signs - like the 7-10 pages of 'I will not sue if I die' waiver froms I had to sign before my 2 minute training instructional.

As fell out of the plane, we rolled (or flipped - I was so scared I can't tell) and I got to see the sky from a second before we were in the proper position of me getting air forced into my pulmonary system. It was like having a panic attack at 10,000 feet and falling. My instructor pulled our cord early because I am considered to be relatively light in skydiving terms, and we were drifting away from the drop zone.

Some people thought the experience was great. I think I was just scared the entire time. It would have helped if someone had mentioned the existance of terminal velocity though. I had this fear that I would accelerate forever. In case anyone didn't know, I am horribly afraid of heights. It usually isn't an issue, but I am always choking down this panic whenever I get above 15 feet. I don't feel in control after that point. Seriously, do I look like Nick Cage from City of Angels - nope.

I went to two Brian events this weekend. He's still missing. Not good.
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Bite me, Lord of the Dance. [Apr. 25th, 2006|08:21 pm]
[Current Mood |creative]
[Current Music |MIA - power to the people or something like that]

Okay, so today I went to tap class. Let's ignore that lack of medschool studying. Don't I know it.

Our teacher decided that we needed to do his 'improv' circle again, but this time we had to have another person in it - to 'challenge'. He made us count off by # so that the OSU dance team wasn't all together. I got paired with one of the really good dancers - way better than me, but as for me, put me in a competition and I rise to the occasion. I guess I'm just that competitive. Either way, it was a little like that section of 'Lord of the Dance' where the two guys face off, and she and I went to town.

At least it was a big step for me because I started pulling off stuff I didn't know I could do. I mean, I did a piourrete on a toe stand that I had never done in my life. I have no idea where all of those random rhythms I found came from or how loud my taps were. I think I impressed my teacher and established myself in the class with this one. It was just like judo a little bit.

Except the throwing. And the violence. And the submissions. Okay, so it wasn't much like judo. I think I'm skipping path review tomorrow to go to judo. Path review makes my brain hurt. Speaking of, I need to go do some learning anyway now.
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Avoiding the learning [Apr. 12th, 2006|04:49 pm]
[Current Mood |quixoticquixotic]
[Current Music |Nothing.]

So I take Step 1 on June 2nd. The thought is very scary so I'm ignoring it for this week, and this week only. On April 17th - the day after Easter, Step 1 is going to become real, but until then, I refuse to study. In fact, I'm ignoring all evidence that I will take boards - including class.

News update:
The BAD - Brian is still missing. It breaks my heart every day when I see his girlfriend Alexis. I moved my seat so I sit in front of her again.
My dad is in the hospital. He cut his foot open and got some stitches, but it got infected. He'll be there for at least 2 nights to get IV antibiotics. I try not to think about it b/c being a med student means you know too much.

The SO-SO - I ended all contact with Sunil.

The GOOD - I am a few levels away from beating Super Mario World on SNES. My roommates got engaged (to each other), and I'm living a nice life here in the basement. I am currently seeing . . well . . . 4 guys. Long story. Don't ask. I got my green belt in judo and my jacket for winning a tournament. My sister and her husband bought their first house. Her husband matched in ER. I have passed on most of my offices to other qualified people - I'm not the AMA president anymore or the EMIG treasurer. I just have to try to not volunteer for more things. Oh, I got ambushed on my poster presentation, but I am still getting into the honor society for it.

BTW - if you are going into science, learn what a CV is. No one at Hiram knew what it was except Brad Goodner. I have a lovely updated one recently. I sort of hope I don't get the office that I used it for though. Too much work.
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HELP - ONE OF MY CLASSMATES IS MISSING! [Apr. 4th, 2006|10:16 pm]
Hey, anyone who reads this - one of my classmates went missing. His name is Brian Shaffer, and he disappeared April 1st from the Ugly Tuna Saloon in Columbus. It doesn't look like he ever went back to his apartment. His picture is presently my user picture. For more information, please go to this web address http://www.nbc4i.com/news/8445413/detail.html and see if you or anyone else you may know has seen him. He is also listed as one of my facebook friends.

Thanks everyone. I'll try to keep you updated.
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The most boring spring break ever [Apr. 2nd, 2006|09:55 am]
My spring break has officially started and I am doing nothing. I didn't even leave Columbus. Yes, this does suck. Here's the plan - on Monday I have to meet with my senior partner for our last project and the new president of the AMA to pass off lots of my duties. I have judo on Monday and Wednesday because I am testing for my green belt next Monday. I also have an undergrad tap class on Tuesday and Thursday. After that I'm driving to Cleveland to see my family for a few days. Yes, it is as boring as it sounds.

My house is up for sale, which is very annoying. We have to keep it so clean it is practically unlived in. Even worse, my spring break Saturday morning started with the realtor trying to enter my room while I was still in bed. They are supposed to give us 24 hours notice!!! I was very displeased with having to throw clothes on and leave immediately. I ended up buying my new tap shoes, but not getting breakfast until 2pm. I was not happy.

Board studying is going to start soon, so I guess my other spring break activity is going to be sorting my live out - filing my bills, coming up with a study plan for the next weeks, commiting/or not committing to certain AMA activities, and dealing with other situations.
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random survey while missing Spaghetti dinner [Mar. 18th, 2006|08:20 pm]
[Current Mood |dorky]
[Current Music |Lucky by Bif Naked]

Okay, as a person I suck. It's the night of the Spaghetti dinner, and I'm at home working on the whole research project I should have been working on a month ago. As a break, I am actually filling out a survey from Sanjida's website. It's a music survey.

(As you can see from my responses, I've been watching a lot of Grey's Anatomy and dating alot of guys. I've gone on a few dates recently, and Sunil stays in the picture. He's even coming more into the picture, which is a bit problematic when I am legitimately seeing other guys. If we are going to do this, its going to be done the right way, and I don't want to sink to playing the jealousy card.)

Either way, on with the musical commentary -
A favorite political track...
You’ll See from the Rent Soundtrack

One of those tracks that will make you dance on the dance floor no matter what...
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot

The song you'd use to tell someone you love them...
Fall to Pieces by Avril

A song you know would sell lots of VWs (or iPods, or whatever) if they paid for it...
Just Breathe by Anna Nalick

A song that forced you to sit down and analyze its lyrics...
Long Day by Matchbox 20

A song that you like that a two-year-old would like too...
In the Hall of the Mountain King

A song that makes you drive too fast...
That Bangra song I got from Sanjida

A song that makes you feel like kicking someone's ass...
Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt

A song that both you and your grandparents (probably) would like...
Come What May from the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

The song you'd send to someone you hated...
Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

A sad song that would be on the soundtrack to a movie about your life...
Momentary Thing by Something Happens

The peppy song that would start the opening credits on the soundtrack to the movie about your life...
The Green Hornet Theme song

An acappella song...
Way back in that latin phase of school . . .

A good song from a genre of music that no one could guess that you liked...
Somewhere Somehow by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith

A song you think should have been playing when you were born...
Sparkle Me by the Buffseeds

A favorite artist duo collaboration...
Seether and Amy Lee

A favorite song that you completely disagree with (politically, morally, religiously, etc.)...
American Idolt by Greenday

Your smooth song for relaxing...
Anything by Toad the Wet Sprocket

A song that you don't like but would play loud to annoy the neighbors...
Anything by Hilary Duff

A favorite song that's about sports or a sport...
Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve (not the verve pipe)

A favorite track from an outfit that's considered a "super group"...
Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones

The song that makes you want to drink more beer...
Someday by Nickelback
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To my betas [Mar. 5th, 2006|08:54 pm]
[Current Mood |melancholymelancholy]
[Current Music |Edge of the Ocean]

First of all, to the few Betas/Hiramites that read this, I heard about Grace today.

I'm sorry I never had the chance to know her, but I cannot tell you how sorry I am. I remember what I felt at Hiram when my Gen Chem partner Allison took her life. You sit there and think about the last time you saw them, the last time you thought of them, that thing you wish that you had said or done, but know that you will never have the chance to do it.

It can only be a thousand times worse to have one of your sisters die on something as simple as a trip to Walmart.
My prayers are with you all.
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the past few weeks [Mar. 3rd, 2006|07:04 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |Long day by Matchbox 20]

I always say I'll get better about updating - and I don't.

Alot has happened in the past few weeks. On the topics of guys. First, I swear some days I'm ready to chuck Sunil off a cliff. He was a jerk for a while. Then he tore his ACL and became an even bigger jerk, but then on his birthday, he realized that he needed me. Still all confused about what to do, but he needed me, so I went to him. He had successful surgery with what will be a painful rehab and now I'm supposed to be supportive or something. I'm really trying. I am, but I'm not invincible. I've been told I need to be more understanding.

I thought I was. I deliberately didn't tell him that my formal date was a horrible kisser. (It was pretty bad) Nor did I mention the date that I had been planning with one of the players on my IM soccer team - Alex, the Spanish TA. Unlike the last Spanish student I went with, he at least spoke English as a first language. It just didn't seem appropriate to tell Sunil while he 'needed' me that I was trying to see other guys. That wasn't being supportive.

On the topics of the AMA that absorbed all my time - the conference. Not only was my formal date not a good kisser, he also was a failure at his job as a committee leader. If the conference wasn't stressful enough, he didn't do any work. I was ready to kill him. I had to do all of his work, last minute b/c he didn't do ANYTHING. At least the conference was widely regarded as success by everyone who attended, but it was still very stressful on me. The self defense workshop that I went to last year was very popular.

It's sort of funny, looking back at who I was last year. I had a much bigger circle of friends, but I don't really miss them. Between Rori, Anna, Sarah Zilka, Melissa, and Sunil - I don't have time for much more. I socialize, but I'm not worried about the next big party. My 3 guy friends I see occasionally in class, and everyone talks to me. Somehow I guess things are alot harder in Med 3. It also helps that I have roommates that keep me from feeling lonely. The AMA and my officers fill up alot of my time anyway. I really am the type now that just wants to hang out with one or two people at a time. I'm not dying for adventure or clubs or anything like that.

Well, adventure comes as judo, I guess. I just took one whole quarter. I'm getting alot better, but I feel sad that the person who introduced me to judo can't share it with me anymore. I think even trying to include him just hurts him more. I'm pretty scared - I have my first tournament next weekend actually. Wow, a real competition.
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2006|08:22 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]
[Current Music |Remember by disturbed]

I stole this off of blogger. I'll put up the link later. I'm in a hurry.
How to tell you are from SmallTown USA!

The local phone book has only one yellow page.

Third Street is on the edge of town.

You leave your jacket on the back of the chair in the cafe, and when you go back the next day, it's still there, on the same chair.

You don't signal turns because everyone knows where you're going, anyway.

No social events can be scheduled when the school gym floor is being varnished.

You call a wrong number and they supply you with the correct one.

Everyone knows all the news before it's published; they just read the hometown paper to see whether the publisher got it right.

The McDonalds only has one Golden Arch.

The one-block-long Main Street dead ends in both directions.

Second Street is in the next town over.

There's no place to go that you shouldn't.

A "Night on the Town" takes only 11 minutes.

There is no mayor, city councilor, or controller – so how can it be this boring without law and order?

The New Year's baby was born in October.

Running from the cop (not cops) consists of hiding in the cornfield.

You have to name six surrounding towns to explain to people where you're from.

You have to drive five miles out in the country to smoke a cigarette.

Headline news is who grew the biggest vegetable this year.

There is no point in high-school reunions because everyone knows what everyone else is doing anyway.

Driving cars up and down the main drag is a universal high school experience.

You can name everyone you graduated with.

You know what 4-H is – and can name all 4 Hs.

You ever went to parties at a pasture, barn, or in the middle of a dirt road.

You said the 'f' word and your parents knew within the hour.

You schedule parties around the schedule of different police officers, since you know which ones would bust you and which ones wouldn't - same goes with the game warden.

You ever went cow-tipping or snipe hunting.

School gets canceled for state sporting events.

You could never buy cigarettes because all the store clerks (at the only store) knew how old you were and if you were old enough, they would still tell your folks.

When you did find someone old enough and brave enough to buy cigarettes, you still had to go out to the country and drive back roads to smoke them.

You were ever in the Homecoming parade.

You have ever gone home for Homecoming.

It was cool to date someone from the neighboring town.

You had senior skip day.

The whole school went to the same party after graduation.

You don't give directions by street names or references (turn by Nelson's house, go two blocks to the Anderson's turn left and it's four houses left of the football field).

The golf course had only 9 holes

You can't help but date a friend's ex-girlfriend.

Your car stays filthy because of the dirt roads, and you will never own a white vehicle for this reason.

You think kids that ride skateboards are weird.

Getting paid minimum wage is considered a great job.

Anyone with a house newer than 1980 is referred to as "rich" people.

You bragged to your friends because you got pipes on your truck for your birthday.

Football coaches suggest that you haul hay for the summer to get stronger.

Directions are given using "the" stop light as a reference

Weekend excitement involves a trip to the grocery store.

Even the ugly people enter beauty contests.

You decide to walk somewhere for exercise and 5 people pull over and ask if you need a ride.

Your teachers call you by your older siblings names.

Your teachers remember when they taught your parents.

The closest McDonald's is 45 miles away.

So is the closest mall.

Everyone who played sports had to play on every type of team, or there wouldn't be enough people to have a team.

A cool vehicle had big tires or a bad-ass stereo.

You can remember when your town finally got cable.

Driving to the party on a four wheeler is quite normal.

The town population increases by one-third when the universities go on break.

You know exactly where to go when the party is at "the lake".
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finally updating [Jan. 4th, 2006|08:29 pm]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]
[Current Music |"Take it off" by the Donnas]

So let's see. It's been a long time since I last wrote. I did have a fabulous birthday and week after my birthday. Sunil really made my birthday worth remembering, and I spent that weekend at the AMA conference in Dallas. When I got home, Sunil and I officially started dating and soon told our parents we were in love and wanted to get married in a couple years.

And then shocker - he broke up with me a month later, over a stupid test score while I was sick. However, neither of us told our parents all of the reasons why we broke up b/c neither of us really want to be apart forever, and we both know it. Right now we are just on a break. (Don't try to tell me about how that worked on Friends or how someone you know didn't work it out. I don't care.) When we have suffered apart enough, then we'll figure out what to do next.

I'm not really all that worried. It doesn't hurt to be single when you see the guy watching you every day trying to decide what to do next. It's not my problem. I've been tortured enough in this relationship. His turn. Besides, I'm tired of obsessing, it's love and he just needs to finish dealing with it. I'm going to do my own thing - I lost 10 lbs since I got sick. I actually fit into my size 5 strapless dress.

Right now, I'm really busy planning the AMA conference in February. It will absolutely rock. Really. I hope; I've been delegating my presidential responsibilities like mad. I can't wait until it is over - in late February. I'm glad all I have to do is oversee. Of course, I am taking one of the workshop chairs to the med school formal. It's not an abuse of power . . . I have a really cute dress. I need a boy to go with it. And it's not like I'm leading this guy on. I was like, 'there is a girl shortage at our med school, want to go with me?'

Yes, so romantic. But I have an awesome dress, and since the Beta Spaghetti dinner is March 18th, it looks like I'll get to keep showing it off. Hopefully all the arm workouts I'm doing and the Tae bo Bootcamp will give me nice guns ;) in time. I plan on being there . . . even if I drag my friend Dave with me kicking and screaming. He usually comes quietly, but we'll see. Dave is awesome, btw.

Of course, I did have to pay 500 dollars for my step 1 test that will be June 2nd. My post med school career actually depends on this test. No pressure or anything. It's less than 5 months. Time to leave this and go hit the books.
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